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Now in your 60’s or older, you are acutely aware of the need to prudently manage your affairs and assets. In particular, if you have sizable financial assets you may be concerned as to minimize the impact on passing those assets onto the next generation. You may also have assets that you wish to invest in an appropriate manner, which are protected from inflation and which do not bear excessive risk.

Inheritance Planning:

In order to minimize tax, you need to plan ahead. One option for inheritance planning is to provide for the inheritance tax that would be payable on the passing of your estate to the next generation. If structured appropriately, the proceeds of the insurance policy can be applied, free of tax, to pay the inheritance tax payable on the assets themselves. This is known as a Section 60 policy.

Savings and Investment:

You may have excess funds but do not want to invest them in excessively risky assets. Rather than putting your had earned cash on bank deposit, where it is unlikely to earn enough to keep pace with inflation, never mind grow appreciably, you can look at investing in unit linked or managed funds. You can invest in particular types of investments anywhere from Capital guaranteed funds to more adventurous funds like Irish equities, UK Geared property) You can make your investment choice based your attitude to risk and whether you want to achieve a capital gain for the future or want to receive an income stream from your investment (or a combination of both).is a problem?


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